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How to Make Multi-Page Booklet

Booklet templatesBooklets may be are made for a wedding, funeral or some other event and program. What ever the purpose is booklet should be creative and interesting. Here is some steps are given, you can make booklet by following them. These steps will explain that how you can make a professional multi-page booklet by using a basic template.


Determine pieces of paper:

When you make a booklet, firstly you estimate the pages of booklet this will determine the pieces of paper to fold for create multi-page booklet. If you want to create a booklet containing 8 pages then only 2 sheets of paper are required. By this step you can understand the method of making your template and once you made it you will know how to adjust more pages in the booklet.

Multi-page booklet of 5.5”× 8.5”:

For making the multi-page booklet of 5.5”×8.5” for some event you have to gather two sheets of plain 8.5”×11” paper then fold this sheet in half. Turn it to the sides. A sample of book template is ready now. You can frame a complete booklet with the help of it.

Cover of booklet:

On the right hand side of full sheet, mark the cover after opening the pages. Fold back the template. In this way left hand side automatically go and become back cover. For designing the front cover you can insert images on it. You can use preprinted shell or download the graphic for making front cover interesting. Mention main purpose on the template. The thing to remember is on the right hand of the page there will be front cover while on left side will become a back cover.

First page of the booklet:

Fold pages back in half then go to inside of the booklet. First page is always inside the booklet after front cover. It’s up to you either you want to use it or leave it blank. Number this page for your ease as page 1. The second page comes after it on right hand side of second sheet. This is the page of main focus. Number this page as page 2. Normally the main content of the booklet start from here.

Further pages:

When you turn the page of template you will get page three, mark it page 3. Page 3 is actually the back of page 2. If you use two sheet of paper for making template then page 3 and 4 will the center of booklet. Explanations, poetry and scriptures are usually written on page 3. Page 4, the right hand page, displays all the material directly written on it. You can add in this page whatever you want for your booklet.

Last page:

Turning of page 4 leads to page number 5. Give number 5 to this page. Use this page according to your plan. Before the back cover the page is last inside page. Number this page as number 6. Font page is the reverse of page 1 same as reverse of back cover is page 6. There will be confusion if you make template of many pages. Handling will be difficult. You should have mock up template for assurance that you have right one.

Setup of the booklet:

After making template of the booklet you can move to your next part that is going to computer or professional printer. If you want to work on MS Word then you have to go on page setup and adjust page orientation. Set your page according to the material you been added. Next step is formatting. Go to the format and change it to 2 columns. You can widen the space between two columns to 1. In this way you can get enough space for biding the booklet. Add material in the pages smartly. Mismanagement can spoil your booklet. That’s why creating template is very important.

Taking print out:

When you have done with typing and arranging then it is time to take print out of your pages. If you have your own printer, use its function and get fine print of your pages back to back. After getting printed booklet staple it on the center fold line to put professional effect in it. For getting perfect booklet staple it on 5.5” marking.

Use publishing software:

It’s much better to use publishing software other than Word. But if you have template your work will become easier and will done efficiently.

You can also visit booklet template for an example or also can use by making changes. You are also suggested to visit How to make your own informational booklet.

Letterhead Fonts to Reveal Your Company

The text and graphics you used in your letterhead are very important as these express everything about your company. You can make perfect letterheads that have ability to attract others. For this you just have to little focus on font you use. If you succeed in choosing the right writing style or font then you win the half game. Now you are able to create remarkable letterhead for your company.

You can understand that how to use stylish letterhead font for your company by reading following details.

Define your style:

First of all you have to consider the style of your company.  Company styles vary from one to another. They may be either according to the traditions or following contemporary style supporting modernism. Your style may also differ. You can convey your concept to the people by using relevant font style on letterhead. You can reveal yourself as you want to but your selection must be according to that.

Choose a unique font:

Most commonly used font styles are Futura, Helvetica, Century Gothic and some other font. These fonts are valid and no problem if you use them. But to create a new deign statement with these font style is much difficult as many designers had been used them before for the same purpose. The best designers create new fonts which are absolutely new and unique. Many professional sites offers font that are new, unique and creative. Some times font design may be based on previous fonts commonly used and liked by people and may be original. To make your letterhead eye grabber here are some elegant font styles for you:

  • Eclipse
  • Aspire
  • Stay Gold
  • Hurtmold
  • Aesthetique
  • KTF-Roadstar
  • Neretta Beveled
  • National Currency

Craft a custom font:

All the fonts offered you are classic but may be you don’t find any one which goes with your business style. In this case you can completely customize the font. The font then you design is totally your creativity. The customers can easily recognize you or your company by the font. It is very easy for them to identify your brand as well. To get a high level letterhead you have to heir some expert designer as designing of letterhead is little bit technical. It may increase your expenses but will prove useful to take rank of your company higher.

Changing a font:

To design a professional letterhead you must need a graphic designer because crafting a custom font is very expensive and time taking process. Effective letterhead can be made by your own. For it you have to modify the pre existing font. These changes may be:

  • Adding a swirl
  • Titling the text

By these adjustments you can achieve your purpose of making notable letterhead and control your expenses.

Letterhead template:

You should use letterhead template. Customize font on it as the style of company letterhead does affect marketing. By playing with font style you can show that how much your company is stylish and well on work.

Gift Certificate Templates

Gift certificates are popular among people these days as the demand of gift certificate is increased for many events. Gift certificate is the best thing to gift your closer one which can make them happy. It is an alternate of an expensive gift. The best thing is that a receiver can choose perfect gift according to his desire. These certificates have many advantages and they can be used for many occasions.

Gift certificates are either used for personal or professional purposes. You can send your warm wishes to your closer one through this specially designed certificate on any specific event. Sometimes people send gift certificates to appreciate you or to say thank you. Business use certificates to promote their name and brand also. For small business gift certificates are used for their marketing.

Basic reason of popularity of gift certificate is that they help receiver to choose a particular gift. People prefer to make their own choice even in gifts which they received from others. The promotional gift certificates which are issued by store cause the fast publicity of business and help to make frequent customers. In the result, sale of business product increases.

Many people create their own gift certificate template which can also easily available to every one as the demand of gift certificate is increasing day by day. On our site we have some best skillfully designed gift certificate Templates, which are specially created by our qualified group of graphic designers for you. These gift certificate templates are free of cost and readily available. You can use any gift certificate template which are given below and can customize according to your requirements.

Here you can see collection of modern and up-to-date gift certificate templates that you can use to send gift certificate to your closer one on any occasion. You can find any type of gift certificate template free of cost and modify it according to your requirements. When you adjust your gift certificate template flyer then you can easily get print out. Try to use good quality paper. These gift certificate templates save your time money.

The theme of our collection is ideal for online gift stores, mementos and decorations. It is better to use our gift certificate templates than blank slate. Just select one gift certificate template you like most and customize it. All of these “Free Gift Certificate Template” are designed by our capable graphic designers on MS Word 2007. If you need more collection then you need to visit this link they are good in this field ( and select any gift certificate template suitable with your version of MS Office.

There is our great collection of NEW Gift Certificate Templates. You can download links to get suitable template and you can download more than one template so your customers can chose one of them for themselves.

Business Gift Certificate Template


Click here to download Business Gift Certificate Template

Congrats Gift Certificate Template


Click here to download Congrats Gift Certificate Template

Gift Certificate of Award


Click here to download Gift Certificate of Award

We hope that you will like our collection of these useful gift certificate templates which we have created and shared with you for your ease. We wish you good luck for the business for which you have used gift certificate template. Kindly bookmark this post and share it with your family and friends. This is just all that we want your appreciation in return.

PS: we are creating more “Gift Certificate Template” and will be updating this post very soon. So kindly visit us again for new template. You can contact us if you need gift certificate designed according to your requirements. We shall our try best to design such a gift certificate template free of cost. Once again kindly share us with your family and social networks as well.

How to make a letterhead to promote your business

Sample of letterhead templateWhy use a Letterhead

Letterheads are the best and the easiest way of communication. It is a reliable tool that gives an authentic environment of doing business within the company and worldwide as well. No one can deny its importance in business. Because through its various tasks are performed. It shows professionalism.

Useful for starters

When a new work or business is started then there is always a big need to plan all the significant tasks and strategies in order to promote your work. The authority is always concerned directly from the designing of logos and letterheads. Letterhead servers best in this respect. It is like a note pad that has all the essential details related to the company and all the partners.

Company oriented letterhead

Company oriented letterhead are quite enough to elaborate the worth of the item and the product. That is why a keen observation and skill is required to choose a unique style of it. It denotes vivid description about a specific company to whom it belongs to at a glance. It has contact information, address etc. Simply you can say that you can get a complete contact detail of a company by using it. It only belongs to that specific company and cannot be used for other companies.


Designing is the best and exciting part of anything because it needs extra care and attention. When you are going to create a letter pad then professional elements should not be neglected. Because it the only thing that represents your work and efforts. Similarly the design should be elegant, neat, simple and uncultured. Do not use too many colors in making because it disturbs the theme and does not give a smoothing effect. Keep all the vivid and valid points while creating a fantastic letterhead like size, color scheming, design and other essential things. It should be eye grabbing and attractive. It is the fact that beautiful things are always attracted by all that is why it should attract a wide range of customers.

Use of fonts

 Fonts are also necessary for preparation. Elegant and unique fonts add more beauty to it. There you may find marvelous range of unique and common fonts available on internet. You can choose any one of your own choice. Fonts make the letterheads more professional.


 The size of letterhead is no doubt has a crucial importance because a specific designed and suggested size assures you that this belongs to only that company. Usually sizes are changed and various papers are used to define and print it. There are a lot papers available. Some of them are expensive and some are cheap in rate. It’s totally up to you to decide that what type of paper you are going to choose. Do not worry about quality of cheap papers because some of them are of good quality.

Contact information

Information is the basic tool that brings many people closer. Contact information, address, e-mail adders and the names of official partners should be correct and authentic. Because the customers only have this way of contacting you whenever they need, If you change your contact number or address due to any reason then immediately change it on your letterheads in order to save you and your customers from misleading and inconvenience. Be sure that all the given information are appropriate.

Reliable for customers

Letterhead is the best and convenient way to approach the customers. When you create a letterhead it works like a guarantee card for the company and also assures the customer as well. It would not be wrong to say that it also serves as an advertisement. It increases the number of customer as well. You need not to say anything about any product or contact because silently the letter defines and convinces the customer itself.

Letterhead templates

Letterhead template is the latest way introduced by professionals in order to give their readers and customers a easy way to use it without wasting time. It has been created technically by keeping all the essential requirements in mind. You can own and use it easily. It saves your time and effortlessly you can grab a ready made template.

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